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To have a  solid sense of Independence in the music industry is crucial to sustaining a lucrative and successful music career.

The problem is most independent artists do not have the knowledge, capacity or skill to cover all areas of what it takes to fulfill their full potential and success in the business aspect of their music career.

A lot of the time, if an independent finally gets signed to a major label, because of their lack of knowledge of the extensive detailed music business aspect of their career they will partially risk signing their life away without even knowing it….. caught into the hype.
For instance in the underground world of music, there are many artists who have not yet read documents such as the Indie Bible. Most of the time they have an idea in their head of trying real hard to make that $money$ in the music industry in any way that they can and they are depending on their talents and skill to lead the way.

Sadly to say your vocal and recording skills will not get your music career to succeed without the proper music business structure, guidance & promotion.

You can live your whole entire life with a killer voice performing locally and never get your true potential of creation off the ground.

Not having music legally protected has cost many artists heart ache and even the destruction of their music career. Any artist of any kind or genre of music must be a self investor first.

If you are not willing to invest time, energy and money into your own career you will not succeed.

Let’s face it, If you are serious about your music but too afraid to spend money and read & sign contracts, you will most definitely fail  in the long run.

Many artist have been financially burnt in their past and become reluctant to make any more contractual agreements dealing with money. In other words they want a free ride in the music industry.

Unfortunately no one will ever take you serious if you never have any kind of budget for anything but you still want things done for you.

Basically independent artist need a solid plan that covers all areas of the business.

Below is a simple questionnaire that independents should be asking themselves when attempting to establish a real successful music career:




1.  Do you have your lyrics & music copyrighted with the correct pa or sr form via registered with the Library of Congress Copyright Office?

2. Do you have a poor boy-copyright for your lyrics and or music?

3. Do you have your music published?

4. Have you read the Indie Bible?

5. Do you have an Organic Press Kit?

6. Do you know what a Full Press Kit consist of?

7. Is your stage name a Legal Registered Trademark?
8. If your stage name is not trademarked, has any type of research been done on any other possible registered name that is exactly like yours?

9. Do you have clean radio edited versions of your songs for professional executive promotion.

10. Do you have a BIO?

11. Do you have original music production for your songs?       

12. Are you registered with ASCAP or BMI?

13. Do you have a Website?

14. Do you have a registered trademarked logo?

15. Are you in any kind of production contract agreements with any other author/producer of your music’s instrumentals.

16. Do you have any songs or videos posted on youtube?

17. Do you have a domain name and email address that is unique to yourself?

18. Do you have professional business cards?

19. Are you registered for BDS spins for radio?

20. Do you have a marketing plan or marketing budget?

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21. Do you have or are you connected with someone who can supply visual and graphics for up-to-date CD packaging and presentations?

22. Is your ultimate goal to be a recording artist with a deal or an independent artist owning your own works and business?

23. If your answer to the previous question is the latter, then do you have your entertainment business legally incorporated already?

24. Are you making any live performances and how often?

25. Are you selling copies of any of your music locally to develop good potential radio presence?

26. Are you affiliated with any DJ’s promoting your works?

26. Do you have any mix tapes for promotional use?

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