The name or concept Keyyz is a symbolic representation for energy that unlocks the necessary consciousness that is needed in order for the knowledge of truth and freedom to be prevailing for all who choose to unlock their inner world. The term Keyyz has multiple meaning and can be applied in different ways.

The applications keyyz unlocking hidden dimension of the world can be represented in the world of the microcosm and the world of the macrocosm. The inner reflects the outer and to align them you need keyyz that unlocks the energy portals which is the knowledge and understand of that knowledge and the applied wisdom in a very fundamental basis way. The idea of the MasterKeyyz is embodied in the word Keyyz alone because the term has infinite potential to adapt to much like the idea to the key maker in the movie the matrix who had a key for just about every situation where you needed a key.

The main whole Keyyz or notes on a musical keyboard are each individual sounds or vibrations that reflect the inner make up of our energetic system. These energy vortices within us are called charkas which are spinning wheels of energy that resonate with sound and light energy or color. These keyyz or chakras are the portals of many different aspects of the self and this represents the inner small or the microcosm. This microcosm reflects the macrocosm which is the 7 visible planets or major stars visible to man.

This is symbolic for the inner reflects the outer and as it is in heaven so it is on earth. As it is above so it is below. In order for these points of energies to be all aligned with out higher and lower natures we have to have Keyyz to open the doors that lock the aww pervading powers of our spiritual forces that are at work in our lives. So the Key to life is to unlock the hidden dimensions of ourselves that lead to sovereign and higher consciousness in likeness of the Father in Heaven.

Keyyz Beats is a musical platform for this information of key knowledge to flow thru sound vibration and logos to assist in awaking the third eye of mankind so that we will move towards our higher spiritual nature which has been suppressed and locked away from us for thousands of years. Fear has been the tool to keep humanity locked away from its true nature and Keyyz is needed in order to unlock the truth that will set us free.


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