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Keyyz Instrumental therapy can be a valuable asset to the things that matter the most and has the most value to you…and that is  – your consciousness.  Many times we get caught up into this world and we get the sense that value is only within your bank account or the dollars in your pocket. Then you have become a slave for your own living standards and materia. Your fruits has became your master.  Many people can’t imagine the idea of spending money to invest in consciousness ideas, which is the intangible or not absolutely defined in the physical.

But then you do have those people who do invest money into them selves. They see that investing in the inner Self gives greater value to life than which is only saved in your bank accounts and pockets. Instrumental Therapy can be a valuable tool for you by just listening and then your consciousness can blossom into the deeper recesses of your subconscious that wants to balance itself closer to the ideas you need to pay attention to. The value you pay will bring back to you that which is greater than material wealth.

Keyyz Instrumental Therapy resonates  with a consciousness of solutions based modes in music –  expressing all the things that words can’t explain.  In green language when breaking down the syllables the word solution can be broken down into the sound of saying, “Soul at eye on”. When your soul is at the level in which your Third Eye chakra is on and activated.  At this level of consciousness the individual will receive epiphanies, revelations and great understanding and clarity in subconscious imbalances and tone your inner emotion with a balance intention.

Keyyz Instrumental Therapy can be a tool for you to align your chakra energy centers in your body to a better holistic more balance nature or just good old fashioned enjoy the good music. Depending on the instrumental and its mode, it can motivate you, inspire, energize or just move you in a direction you need. I have given each instrumental track a “mode” that acts as a mental pointer to help take you mentally to the place that the music is going to take you anyway. Keyyz Instrumental Therapy is a great way for you to get a greater amount of conscious value for the dollars you spending to download the instrumental.

This is how I can see where it makes “sense” that we say that we “pay attention” or that we “spend time.”  The words used for spiritual currency are the same words we use for the currency of the fiat monetary system we have in place today.  The instrumental music can speak to your soul in ways that words don’t explain and the you open up the idea that every great adventurous, theatrical creative and imaginative idea can be found deep within your self. This is the advantage and how to get your moneys worth of  buying Keyyz Instrumental Therapy.

I believe that  some where with in you, there is an idea or solution that may help you with your subconscious awareness and modes. However you feel is going to be the bases of your actions and manifestations. When your thoughts feelings and actions are aligned together, you are in harmony with natural law.  So I see the advantageous idea to buying music with no lyrics sometimes. Download therapeutic  instrumentals here with certain modes or ideas for you to ponder on so that maybe you can get awareness and insight from within your own subconscious.

Natures Get Away

Let me take you on a journey away from here and into your inner world. If you would close your eyes and listen, you would feel more alive and empowered the further you go away from the thoughts of your life circumstances and situations! They are all fleeting glimpses to your soul that is eternal and always now!! Going away and into the body sounds crazy to most people but they are slaves to their bodies because they do not understand that they are actually within and beyond the flesh of their body. Here are the keys to get away!

Purchase and download your own mp3 file of “Away” for listening at your own convenience.

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Keyyz Cosmic Expression

Here are expression of keys that unlock the consciousness of intelligence. By listening you will realize on a deeper level that there is much more to your physical life than what you see, hear and what experiences you may be going through. Through this instrumental you can open up a familiar portal to your inner soul. It will sound like you felt the feeling before some where at peace… maybe in a paradise. This instrumental points inward toward your souls power and gives you the key to open it up so that you can be reminded of how much more you are than just what you see as your body. Here is the Keyyz Expression!

      1. express.mp3

Purchase and download your own mp3 file of “Keyyz Expression” for listening at your own convenience.

just click the button below to download “Keyyz Expression” – Mp3

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Molecular Thoughts

Sometimes in life our souls get weary of old and we need to take a new route. Every path you take in life, you create a pattern in your brain and your subconscious soul and sometimes we get tired in our spirit and need to be renewed and rewired. But what’s important is to know your path! Here are keys to reroute your subconscious mind to a new path of greatness but only if you would hold these thoughts in contemplation and faith while listening, would this set of keys work for you. Here are the keys to Reroute  your soul’s pattern!

Purchase and download your own mp3 file of “Re Route” for listening at your own convenience.

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Tired of feeling grimmy

Tired of feeling grimmy

Your path will get really hard sometimes and you will desire change from the feelings of grimness. But what you don’t realize is that your change starts with your thoughts and feelings NOW! How can you think and feel peace when you feel griminess inside you ask…? Here are keys to knowing that change starts with you right here and now and never in the future at some other place in time. IT starts when you desire the peace and want it bad enough! Yearning for inner peace silently while listening is the loudest prayer and it will give you the keys to change your mind from the feelings of being too grimy!

      2. too-grimy.mp3

Purchase and download your own mp3 file of “too grimy” for listening at your own convenience.

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zeitgeist movement

One of the most important process in living is unlearning unhealthy habits and harmful ways! A lot of what we have been taught that was the truth about life is actually the BIGGEST lie that has most of the world living in an illusionary reality. There is a whole world full of unknown things that you may have not ever been exposed to that could create a greater working free consciousness for individuals and humanity. The old paradigms are outdone and a new moves need to be made in order to make changes in our collective reality.  

It is unfortunate that we have become accustomed to certain things unconsciously and for years these habits has stagnated us. Until we recognize the need to make a move we will be in a mundane cycle killing the souls progress. It is time for a mighty movement! Here are keys to that Might Movement within you!

Purchase and download your own mp3 file of “Mighty Movement” for listening at your own convenience.

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