Keyyz also known as Jeremy Kinlaw is considered by many to be a very highly creative musician and one of the most anticipated producers in the years to come.  He started playing keyboard in the summer of 1996 in a unique way, which was by listening to the radio and trying to play what he heard.  He continued this technique repeatedly until he cultivated a strong musical ear.

He learned scales and chords from his older nephew and from a few other local musicians.  From there he practiced everyday until he began to play in church beside his father and Pastor Wilford Kinlaw of New Mt. Zion Church.

Up until the present time Keyyz has played in live music functions all over South Carolina and in other states such as New York, Maryland, Connecticut, Atlanta etc. He has played in events such as crusades, concerts, anniversaries, tea’s, banquets, weddings, ceremonies, receptions, retirement parties, birthday parties, job fairs, Exclusive Golfing Membership Banquets,   listening parties, revivals, funerals and other special event programs.  

Keyyz spends a lot of time in music studios composing original instrumentals. In the later part of 1999 and to present he has grown a huge passion to create original music.

He has worked in a heavy music environment like The Guitar Center in Larchmont, New York to name a few, and has experience the presence of many great musicians and national artists. He has produced, co-produced and wrote many musical tracks for local and underground independent artists.

He started out playing with and learned from seasoned professional musicians who have played with some of the biggest gospel artist in their career.  Artist such as: Shirley Caesar, Donnie Mcclurkin, Marvin Sapp, The Winan Family, William Brothers, Mighty Clouds of Joy, Vicky Owens, Fred Hammond, Deitrick Hadden, Volunteers, Louise Pope, Israel and many many more of gospel’s greats.

Keyyz has developed a unique and loved style of playing by ear that many in the local communities love with a passion. Keyyz has been a minister of music  in which he has directed choir’s as well as song selections and order of service.

This came with many other responsibilities such as organizing event and programs, overseeing choirs and choir leaders, overseeing sound and pro audio system, coordinating vocal harmony and arranging voices just to name a few.

With his experience in the music business, Keyyz can be a valuable asset to any potential individual artist’s or choir’s music careers. Keyyz is the founder of a production and music publishing company called Keyyz Beats Production, which is a publishing member of ASCAP.  

Keyyz has the ability to produce very high energy in playing live music.  He is most definitely the kind of musician that brings the up most life, creativity and spirit into his work. It has been a life long mission to be an instrument to help bridge the gaps between Heaven and HipHop!!