There are keyyz for unlocking dimensions of your inner world thru music and sounds. The sounds that enter your Psyche have a great deal of effect on your mind and body and can be an ultimate determinant of your state of being. This is why music is felt in the inner being of each individual who listens to the sounds of the music being played.

Cymatics is the study of visible sound co vibration in which different geometrical patterns of small particles are formed differently based on the different sound frequencies applied

Music has a great effect on inner emotional states and the way we feel inside. Your mood and behavior can be a direct effect of the music you have been listening to… even when you don’t realize it, it is effecting your subconscious mind but better yet this effect is to a much greater degree in the acts of repetition

Understanding these universal principles of sound and vibration and how the energy that gives your body life is based in the same universal vibrational principles from your cells to the galactic cosmos that opens up your mind to an infinite possibility much like the infinity of musical possibilities. This is why we feel the music and the notes and different kinds of music gives us different effects in the body

The laws of correspondence reflect our reality from the 7 Visible planets to man’s eye to the 7 Major Chakras or energy vorticies in the body to the 7 Main Whole Notes in Music to the 7 basic color spectrus of rainbow light and to the 7 Liberal arts and the 7 Universal laws of the Seven Hermetic Principles and the list of 7 goes on and on and on. But my intention in conveying KEYYZ BEATS PRODUCTION to the open ears of the world is to relate how music is much more than meets the ear

music notes relation to chakras


notes in music and chakras



Language or logos are programming codes of consciousness…. therefore lyrics in songs can make impressions on the conscious and subconscious mind even when we are not consciously aware of it.




brain recording experiences


This programming effect of words is even greater in repetition. This is why some very powerful elite groups of insiders has such a great interest in music and its applications…. especially in hip hop and rock & roll etc. but just as well in other genres.

There is an esoteric agenda and covert psychological warfare on the souls of the masses…. and a part of this is being done covertly thru the music industry.

This is because these groups of elite insiders are extremely knowledgeable of the human emotional field and how music and its laws has hidden powers on the human being and the spirit.

I suggest you do your own research on the nature of the subconscious mind and the chakra system of the body and how they correlate to sound. You will see that messages can be sent into your mind thru sound waves. As it has been said before, “Music can hypnotize you.”

Do not be unconscious of the contents in which your soul is exposed to. Do not be naive and think that people with great ancient knowledge of the “Self” will not utilize their knowledge for a purpose far greater than most could imagine.

What you can do about it that is become conscious of your own psyche content and practice by aligning your attention to Instrumental Therapy. Equip yourself with Keyyz Beats, with intentions of light power and greatness unlocking powerful possibilities and potentials to conquer your demons with Keyyz Instrumental Therapy.




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